EzcoinPro is derived from Ezcoin2u, a cryptocurrency over the counter service provider established in year 2016. Besides of the ordinary functions of wallet, coin trading and so on, EzcoinPro has developed function of coin to coin exchange to explore more users and promote more types of cryptocurrency in this upgrade version. EzcoinPro with its autonomous developed system, coupled with smooth transaction user experience, creates a most powerful, fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. EzcoinPro will support various mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and USDT, on the same time support multiple cryptocurrency pairs.

EzcoinPro team consists of number of senior technical experts and cryptocurrencies early investors, led by former Chief Technology Architect of Microsoft Technology Centre, former Senior Technical Services Manager of Microsoft China and former Senior Financial Services Consultant of Microsoft, leading a team of Blockchain experts worldwide and software development team from Taiwan and Malaysia, aim to create the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange.