About EzcoinPro

EzcoinPro developed the digital assets OTC trading services in 2016. After continuous upgrades, besides of the ordinary features of wallet, cryptocurrency trading and so on, EzcoinPro has developed features of coin to coin trading to explore more users and promote various digital asset trading pairs in latest version of exchange. EzcoinPro with its autonomous developed system with fast transaction and great user experience, to create a most powerful, fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform.

EzcoinPro is operated by Ez Technology Co., Ltd., an offshore company registered in the Seychelles. The operations team consists of senior technical research and development experts from China, Malaysia and Taiwan and experiences cryptocurrency investors. EzcoinPro has a dedicated customer service team in Malaysia to provide a good trading experience for traders around the world. EzcoinPro leads a team of team from all over the world to create the most efficient and popular digital asset exchange.

Technical Partner

EzcoinPro exchange technology is provided by Grace Intelligent Blockchain Co., Ltd. (GIB), a high technology service provider from Taiwan. Their core team members form by various technology experts. They has obtained ISO27001 certification and also won the "Information Security Protection Award". BSI is an internationally recognized third-party standard certification body, with its strict review, the GIB security level has conforms to government regulations, also meets international standards, thus providing EzcoinPro with the highest quality of technology support.